Clubs & Activities

Kettle Creek Crusaders
Advisor: Mr. Gary Paxton


Club Overview: 
The Kettle Creek Crusaders, a small group of dedicated Lake Riviera Middle School (LRMS) students, will expand integrated environmental studies curriculum though exploring the Kettle Creek watershed. Crusaders will research, observe, test water quality and map the Kettle Creek and its surrounding tributaries. The students will identify and compile an inventory of characteristic vegetation and wildlife indigenous to this watershed. They will visit local parks and protected areas to learn about the history, ecology and environment of the Kettle Creek Watershed. They will learn how local and state governments are preserving land through open space preservation efforts. Students will look to inform and educate community members through outreach about the significance of the watershed has on local wildlife, vegetation and the importance Kettle Creek has on the Barnegat Bay National Estuary. Students will educate the public by reaching out to a broad spectrum of residents including seniors and pre-kindergarten students and bring attention to the Kettle Creek watershed though the knowledge learned during their experiences as Kettle Creek Crusaders.


Up Coming Events: Please check the Plan of the Day and the Club Announcements at the bottom of the L.R.M.S. homepage for meeting dates.


National Junior Honor Society

Advisor: Ms. MaryBeth Prince


The mission of the LRMS National Junior Honor Society is to recognize and foster scholarship, leadership, and community service, while infusing the Six Pillars of Character, continuing a high level of achievement, and assuming responsibility for community leadership.

The LRMS National Junior Honor Society recognizes students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship and service. Members of NJHS demonstrate a will to use their talents and skills for the improvement of society.

The LRMS National Junior Honor Society is inclusive-open to all students who choose to apply themselves and consequently meet the five established criteria of scholarship, character, leadership, citizenship and service.


Art Club
Advisor: Ms. Heather DeConde & Ms. Gayle Gruber

Art Club is a wonderful opportunity for students interested in the arts to come explore, learn and create. Art Club meets once a month in room 118 after school. The club is open to all members of the Lake Riviera Middle School learning community.  Students should sign up in advance to ensure there are enough materials for our special projects. Come out and join the fun! Explore your artistic side as we learn about art and serve the community through service learning.



Interact Club
Advisor: Ms. Patricia Osborne


Math Club

Advisor: Ms. M. Prince


The purpose of the club is to stimulate interest in mathematics by working challenging problems through academic competition and to identify mathematically talented students among the school.






The Laker

Advisor: Mr. R. Heitmann


The Laker School Newspaper is totally written, compiled, and edited by the students of Lake Riviera Middle School. Any student may join the LAKER team. They simply need to listen to LAKER LIVE to be informed of the meeting dates.

The LAKER also happily sponsors: Adopt-A-Charity, Student Leadership Day, Laker Loot Student Rewards, and Applebee's Student of the Month Awards

The Editing Staff is reserved for 8th grade students.

All meeting dates are announced on Laker Live.

Students will take late buses home.

The Laker is a year round activity that has changing days of the week based upon the season.


Power Save


The goals of the program are to:   

·       Educate students about energy and energy efficiency through hands-on educational lessons that promote STEM learning and are aligned with Common Core State Standards; 

·       Help our school save money on energy costs and protect the environment through cooperative, school-wide changes in behavior, operations and maintenance procedures, and by encouraging retrofits of more efficient equipment;

·      Build educational and professional pathways to green jobs.

Science Club

Advisor: Ms. C. DeCesare








Student Council
Advisor: Ms. C. McNichols




Advisor: Ms. V. Smith



Yearbook order forms were mailed home to all students.  If you didn’t receive one in the mail you can call Jostens at 1-866-282-1516 or order on-line at




Laker Live

Advisor: Ms. N. McCutchan



Golf Club

Advisors: Mr. Kidney & Mr. Paxton

The L.R.M.S. Golf Club was formed to foster the student interest in golf and help teach some fundamentals of the game to students of various levels. The club formed during the 2005-2006 school year has a golf club membership that continues to grow and the mission continues to be achieved. During the Spring season the golf club has many fun and rewarding activities such as practice at Toms River Golf Range, outings to the Forge Pond Golf Course, profressional instruction at Eagle Ridge Country Club, provided by the PGA.


Click here for Participation Form.



Advisor: Mr. S. Murdock



Play Production

Advisor: Mr. Ron Heitmann



7th Grade World's Fair


More than a thousand people from our elementary schools, families, administration, school board and the community visited this unique collaboration of student success. The countries and territories of BERMUDA, EGYPT, FIJI, GERMANY, NORWAY, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, & UNITED STATES NATIONAL PARKS were celebrated this year though student projects and created activities.