LRMS Sports Schedules
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Spring Sports Update

Registration closed March 19 - ONLY registrants will be invited to the team's Google Classroom. Pre-season meetings and information will be shared in the teams' Google Classrooms.



Boy's Soccer
Coach: Mr. D. Hill


Girls's Soccer
Coach: Mr. W. Brunner


Cross Country
Boy's Coach: Mr. W. Puglisi
Girl's Coach Mrs. A. Drazin


Field Hockey
Coach: Ms. D. Hoban



Coach: Ms. C. Mascola


Boy's Basketball
Coach: Mr. T. Puglisi


Girl's Basketball
Coach: Mr. W. Puglisi


Coach: Mr. M. Elmendorf




Coach: Mr. C. Hughes


Coach: Mr. W. Puglisi


Track and Field
Girl's Coach: Mrs. A. Drazin
Boy's Coach: Mr.D. Hill

Athletic Forms

Registration 2-Step Process:

  1. Register in Parent Portal under "Forms"
  2. Upload required forms HEREAthletic Physical (valid 365 days) and Health Update Questionnaire (required EVERY season) 

Spring Sports Registration is CLOSED.

Contact Information

Mr. Stephen Maurelli 
(Athletic Supervisor)
732-785-3000 X4000


Amy Bremus RN
732-785-3000 X 4031



Bonnie Brink RN
732-785-3000 X 4005