Art Club with Ms. Wollek



Band with Mr. Deluca

The Drum Point Band is open to all fifth grade students who are interested in playing flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, or percussion. We will perform at a winter concert in January, a spring concert in May, and a district wide band festival. In addition to our band, we often have smaller ensembles play at our concerts and the talent show. Joining band in fifth grade opens up even more exciting performance opportunities for students in middle and high school, and can be the beginning of a lifelong appreciation for music.


Book Club with Mrs. Cappetta

Book Club is open to all fourth and fifth graders.  Students will meet in the media center once a week during their lunch period to read exciting book picks by Drum Point's very own book specialist, Mrs. Cappetta!  Books are provided by the school. Book Clubs have been proven to increase motivation to read, foster social interaction among peers, and even increase test scores.  Join Book Club today!


 Chorus with Mrs. Clymer

Do you love to sing?  Then Chorus is the Club for you!  Drum Point Chorus is open to all students in Grades 3, 4, and 5.  Our Chorus performs a Winter Concert in December and a Spring Concert at the end of the school year.  To prepare for these, we meet once a week during recess.  There are also two After School rehearsals, directly before each concert.  



Daily Dish News with Mrs. Cappetta

Drum Point's Daily Dish is the first elementary morning news program in Ocean County!  Fifth grade students (who applied at the end of fourth grade ) will run a live news broadcast every morning.  The Daily Dish is a popular club among fifth graders and students will increase their research skills along with public speaking awareness while having fun. Daily attendance is important for this program.  The show is run by Mrs. Cappetta and Mrs. Clymer. 


Early Act with Mrs. Parks and Mrs. Bray

Early Act is a service club for our fifth grade students. Its mission is to promote goodwill, understanding and peace through the active participation of its student members. With committed citizenship and effective leadership, they will improve the quality of life of their school, their local and the global communities. Early Act teaches caring, respect, empathy, responsibility, tolerance, citizenship, compassion, friendship and leadership.



Student Council with Mrs. Acropolis, Mrs. Keelen, Mrs. Larrabee

Student Council is a group composed of students chosen by their classmates to organize social and extracurricular activities, come up with ideas to make our school better, and to be the voice of the students at Drum Point Road School.  Student Council meets monthly to discuss new ideas and ventures.




World Language Club with Mrs. Martone

 The World Language Club offers 5th graders the opportunity to explore the cultures of the Spanish speaking countries through crafts, games, music, and stories.