Department Directory


Faculty Member
Mr. M. Gawronski
Mr. J. Lindenbaum
Mrs. M. Mustacchio

Career and Technology

Faculty Member
Mrs. J. Brixie
Mrs. K. Haug
Mrs. S. Vetrini
Mr. J. Lynch
Ms. A. Barker

Child Study Team

Faculty Member
Ann Sirico, Psychologist
Michael Zuccaro, Social Worker
Wendy Kelly  - Social Worker


Faculty Member
Mrs. S. Farnsworth
Miss M. Barroqueiro
Mrs. K. Esposito
Mrs. C. Gaydos
Ms. D. Godek
Ms. F. Stapp
Mrs. J. Jones
Mrs. L. Stansbury
Mrs. A. Repko
Mrs. N. Meyerberg
Mrs. N. Rogers
Ms. D. Scipione

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Faculty Member
Mr. P. Barna
Mr. A. Burns
Ms. P. Cipriani
Mr. C. Dougherty
Ms. T. Christiani
Mr. R. Gooney
Miss A. Pettyjohn
Mrs. S. Millerschoen
Mrs. K. Page 
Ms. N. Pedersen
Ms. J. Freedley
Mrs. C. Segreto
Ms. E. Shevach
Mrs. D. Struble

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Physical Education

Faculty Member
Mr. K. Stockoff
Mr. C. Blackburn
Miss C. Chiarella
Miss. K. McCabe
Ms. J. DeFrancisci
Mr. J. Groschel
Mr. J. Smyth
Mr. M. Opacity
Mr. L. Zdanowicz


Faculty Member
Mr. J. Amoroso
Ms. J. Connolly
Mr. M. Curatola
Ms. R. Diamond
Mrs. D. Matthews
Ms. J. S. Gerlock
Ms. K. Lapsley
Ms. M. Lorincz
Mr. K. Lynch
Ms. E. McDevitt
Mr. S. Reddan
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Social Studies

Faculty Member
Mr. A. Asaro
Ms. C. DeBonis
Mr. M. Berardinelli
Mr. G. Caci
Mr. H. Thomas
Mr. T. Marks
Mr. J. Mastandrea
Mr. B. McNamara
Mr. D. St. Jean
Mr. C. Pazmino

Special Education

Faculty Member
Mrs. S. Piszar
Mrs. N. Buell
Mrs. T. Crowley
Mr. R. Dahl
Mrs. D. Depoto
Mrs. D. Errington
Ms. C. Fogler
Ms. D. Novick
Miss. K. Lardieri
Mrs. D. Hackett
Mrs. A. Jacobs
Mr. C. Kretschmar
Mr. G. Maestri
Miss. C. Masefield
Ms. E. Karu
Mrs. C. Gough-Robinson
Ms. S. Petruzziello
Ms. G. Mount
Mrs. T. Roselli
Mrs. S. Ryan
Ms. I. Wojcik
Ms. M. Zeoli
Mrs. J. VanFossen

Visual and Performing Arts

Faculty Member
Mr. V. Doyle
Mr. D. Lyncheski
Ms. A. Roselli
Mr. F. Lucchetti
Ms. C. Best
Mr. B. Krajcik
Ms. F. Bristol
Mrs. G. Hascha
Miss C. Bennett
Ms. S. Pravao

World Languages

Faculty Member
Miss. D. Russell
Mrs. T. Galvan
 Ms. K. McCullough
 Mrs. R. Popow
Mrs. V. Reid
Ms. C. Shaw
Mrs. M. Ventola
 Ms. A. Windeknecht
Ms. M. Cardin-Bussanich
Ms. A. Cantelme
Miss M. Velez
Ms. A. Cantelme
Ms. K. LaFragola