Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child’s bus stop has been moved from the location where it has been for several years. What can I do? 
A: Brick Transportation is required to establish a bus stop for each student within one mile of the student’s residence. Nearly all bus stops are, in reality, much closer than this. Any bus stop within one mile of the residence is “legal”. The appeal process is to email the Director of Transportation. 


Q: I have been told that the school bus cannot come down my dead-end road. Why?
A: Buses are not permitted to back up down narrow streets or where they are unable to turn around. Unless safety factors require otherwise, transportation may not plan bus stops closer together than 300 feet. 


Q: My child is having a birthday party after school and I would like for her friends to ride the bus home with her. We can do that, right?
A: No. The primary responsibility of Transportation, with regard to school bus routing, is to see that all students entitled to transportation have one bus assignment for their daily ride to and from school and that all bus assignments are done in a way as to provide seating for all students. Changes school bus assignments for a day – as you described – is strictly prohibited. 


Q: How long are students allowed to ride the school bus each way in New Jersey?
A: There is no state law regarding the length of a bus ride. New Jersey has a wide range of geography across the state and the diversity of rural and urban areas results in a very wide range of bus ride times. Some rural counties have an average student ride time of over 70 minutes while some small towns have an average ride time as low as 15 minutes. 


Q: Are students allowed to stand on the school bus or to sit in the aisles?
A: Absolutely not. Board of Education policy requires that seating be provided for each student on the bus and that sitting on the floor or standing is strictly prohibited. Further, each student must be completely seated in the school bus seat - with seat belt buckled. The same policy requires that the capacity of the bus cannot be exceeded. Violations should be reported to the Director of Transportation.