Fall 2020: Dr. Anderson's Instructional Model Message
June 5, 2020 - Curriculum Newsletter

Curriculum Department's latest edition of the Brick Bridge has been released! Read Now:




    Amanda Beattie
    Elementary Curriculum Supervisor
    Co-Title I Coordinators
    P: (732)785-3000 x2509
    E: abeattie@brickschools.org
    Brittany Bucco
    Elementary Curriculum Supervisor ELA/SS/Library
    Co-Title I Coordinators / ELL K-12

    P: (732)785-3000 x1524
    E: bbucco@brickschools.org
    Chad Cutts
    Secondary Curriculum Supervisor
    ELA/SS Grades 6-12

    P: (732)785-3000 x3039
    E: ccutts@brickschools.org
    Christopher Thompson
    Secondary Curriculum Supervisor
    Math Grades 6-12, Co-STEM Coordinator, Business Education
    P: (732)785-3000 x1087
    E: cthompson@brickschools.org
    Jennifer Lane
    Secondary Curriculum Supervisor
    Grade 6-12 Science, Co-STEM Coordinator,
    K-12 Visual & Performing Arts
    P: (732)785-3000 x1045
    E: jlane@brickschools.org

Brick Township Public Schools Staff Only

Please use this link to complete a "Workshop Reporting Form" within 5 business days of attending a workshop (in or out of district.)


NJDOE Grant Partnerships

Brick is Awarded the Strengthening, Leading, & Learning Grant


New Jersey Tiered System of Supports - Early Reading Grant

Given New Jersey's need to better identify and provide early reading intervention to students with disabilities and/or significant reading difficulties, NJDOE has prioritized the implementation of a multi-tiered system of reading supports. The purpose of this project is to build capacity to implement the New Jersey Tiered System of Support for Early Reading (NJTSS-ER) via strategic personnel development.

The project will result in (a) increased state-, district-, and school- level leadership and high-quality professional development in NJTSS-ER; (b) increased fidelity of NJTSS-ER implementation; and (c) improved reading skills for students with disabilities and/or those requiring intervention. State Coaches from the NJDOE in partnership with Professors from Rutgers University are providing training in NJTSS-ER components to our academic coaches who are in turn training and coaching for our school teams.

Brick was one of only 10 districts in the state to participate in Cohort 1 of this grant. The evaluation will investigate (a) the extent to which leadership and PD are provided at state, district, and school levels; (b) the fidelity of NJTSS-ER implementation in schools; (c) early reading performance for students; and (d) the allocation of funds to ongoing technical assistance.